Be the Voice of PLR

You've probably heard those station IDs the air between songs, with someone saying "This is 991 PLR”.

All you need is a smartphone and an email. Just follow the directions below. We'll pick the best ones and put them on.


Most Smart Phones have a “Memo” feature. These instructions are for a iPhone, but can be generally applied to your phone.

Practice what you are going to say, a few times. Please use one (or more) of these samples:

  • “991 PLR. Connecticut's number one rock station”
  • “My favorite is (name of band/artist). 991 PLR.”


Open Voice Memos. Hit the record button.

Speak loudly and clearly, near the microphone on your phone. After you’ve said your line, hit done.

Save your voice memo, by giving it a file name.

Highlight the file. Look for the Forward button, which is a box with an up-pointing arrow.

Email the file to In the email, include your name.

By sending this file, you are giving us permission to use it on the air. We may or may not use all recordings sent to us. Thanks for doing it!