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Drowning Is Much Easier Than You Think

So you are looking to show off a bit and impress your friends with how far you can swim under water. Take some deep breaths and go for it, right? WRONG! Read more...

The Easy Way To Clean That Grill, I Mean Really Easy!

I am a lazy man. If you want to find the easiest way to do something, ask a lazy man. Read more...

The Few, The Backward, The Ignorant

They’re looking for “the few, the backward, the ignorant”. Saudi Arabia is advertising for eight executioners. The civil service ministry said that no qualifications were necessary and that applicants would be exempted from the usual entrance exams. (and what to beheading exams cover?) Read more...

I Saw That Statue Move!

It appears the curse was not a curse after all. Officials at Manchester Museum were puzzled by the mystery of a 10-inch tall figurine of Neb-Senu that seemed to rotate in its display care, and would do so repeatedly over time even after it was put back in place. Read more...

The Giant Ant War Ended This Day In 1954

It was on this day in 1954 the giant ant outbreak  finally came to an end. For a period of three years the southwest was terrorized by giant ants. Epic battles took place after the entire population of Dilly’s Bottom, Utah, were captured and enslaved as drones by the ant army.  While giant ants had roamed through the southwest  in the 1800’s, as more communities were built in their feeding areas, it was just a matter of time before a clash of two civilizations would come to a head. After fierce battles, costing many lives, General Curtis Goatheart was sent in by President Truman. Goatheart was a well-known interpreter and trained in the skill of ant talk. Through his efforts a peace treaty was reached that still exists to this day. The ants would remain underground with the government dropping off giant sugar cubes every month at the entrance to their underground kingdom at Devil’s Tower, Wyoming . In return for a safe haven and regular food deliveries, the giant ants taught humans the secrets of tunneling, which revolutionized the mining industry. In fact several giant ants were used to assist in the tunnel under the English Channel in the 1970’s. Read more...

The Earth Told Me To Poop There!

When faithful Fido spins in circles or acts like a spaz before squatting to poop, don't worry: She just might be trying to align herself with the Earth's magnetic field. We've known for a long time that animals use the planet's magnetic field, or MF, to orient themselves. Birds and sea turtles use magnetic fields to travel amazing  distances with stunning accuracy. Cattle, for whatever reason, prefer to align themselves along the north-south axis while grazing. And dogs might use it to poop. According to a new study by Czech and German researchers published in the journal Frontiers in Zoology, a two-year analysis of more than 70 dogs from 37 breeds showed that our furry friends "preferred to excrete with the body being aligned along the north-south axis under calm MF conditions." Earth's MF is calm only 20 percent of the time during normal daylight hours. When the planet's MF is thrown out of whack during a solar flare, the once-fastidious animals were suddenly less picky about their crapping preferences. The same rules seemed to apply to both male and female dogs: Read more...

Turning Off The Lights Will Make You Lose Weight?

You spend all day eating salad, low carbs, and  do a fair amount of exercise, but never seem to get any thinner? It could be that you're getting too much light. New research seems to show too much light in the bedroom may make you pile on weight.

Scientists believe that light at night, including street light creeping through the curtains and the glow of smartphones, is causing us to pile on the pounds.

Experiments on mice, showed that animals exposed to light 24-hours a day for five weeks put on 50 per cent more fat than creatures who kept more normal hours. This was despite all the animals eating the same amount of food and doing the same amount of exercise. Tests showed that constant light disrupted their body clock and slowed down a vital calorie-burning process.

A previous study by the same team fromLeidenUniversityshowed that animals kept in constant light put on weight more quickly than creatures fed fatty food.

Researcher Patrick Rensen,LeidenUniversityMedicalCenter, said he believes his findings have relevance to people who are battling the bulge.

Writing in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, he said that even something as simple as checking a mobile phone for messages on waking during the night could stop the body clock from resetting properly in the morning and lead to weight gain.

With exposure to light at night linked to a host of other ills, from cancer to depression, experts say we need to learn to love the dark.

The importance of sleep has finally entered mainstream thinking and practice; however the importance of dark is still greatly under-appreciated.

"Come join us, become one of the skinny people of the night" said Dracula when asked for comment.


Will Tomorrow be The Day?

Tomorrow an asteroid almost one mile across is hurtling through space is feared to be one of the biggest EVER to threaten a collision with Earth. Astronomers warn 1999 FN53, which is an eighth of the size of Mount Everest, will skim the Earth THIS THURSDAY. A collision would be nothing short of catastrophic triggering mass destruction, earthquakes and global extinction. Read more...

You Did What With My Leg!!?

If you think this is one of those stories where the hospital cuts off the wrong leg..sorry. However it is an interesting tale, just not up there with " you cut off my perectly good leg, you bohemian needle dicked bugfucker!!!" Read more...

The Nightmare Is Almost Over!

I admit I am smiling as I write this. The long national nightmare is almost over, after 14 seasons, Fox is pulling the plug on the show that brought America stars like Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, and Jennifer Hudson. Read more...