For the People - Sundays 7-8am

For more than 22 years, Public Service Director and veteran Connecticut journalist John Voket has produced our station's award-winning 'For the People,' bringing listeners a broad variety of stories and interviews that have a direct impact on them, their families and their communities. Every Sunday morning, and 24/7 via podcast, 'For the People' addresses concerns in the communities our station serves related to public health and safety, the environment, the economy, youth, aging, veterans affairs, government, and human services. Listen here.

Little Steven's Underground Garage - Sundays 8-10am

Little Steven’s Underground Garage, the nationally syndicated Rock radio show hosted and produced by one of America’s foremost musicians and actors, Little Steven Van Zandt. Each week Little Steven takes audiences on a two hour trip down the path of what was cool in all six decades of Rock and Roll, a celebration of Pop culture, and features the best emerging new bands worldwide.