Stuff You Should Know - Connecticut produces one of the greatest mug shots ever, plus Star Wars and an Alyssa Milano sex tape?

The Darien Freshman High School football coach was arrested for DUI - he also attacked the police officers and gave us all the most amazing mugshot ever.

A hotel in Shanghai made a million ball ball pit by filling an 82 ft by 41 ft pool - and it looked like the most fun ever.

Mick Jagger released a statement just to let everyone know that he did not in fact hit on Katy Perry when she was 18 years old (although no one would blame him if he did).

Even though they're not nearly ready, Star Wars: Episode VII is coming out in 2015 no matter what.

Apple unveiled the iPad Air today, if you want to get it. ( could just wait a year for the inevitable iPad Air 2.)

Important breaking news! There's an Alyssa Milano sex tape: