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Stuff You Should Know - Connecticut's best donut, the new season of "Archer," and much more

We know Connecticut always gets mentioned for pizza and hamburgers, but now we're on a list for the best donut - Dottie's Diner in Woodbury placed on the Daily Meal's new list

This UConn chemistry professor partied just a little too hard in Greenwich - ripping off car side view mirrors and urinating

A new report says that the MTA conductor in this weekend's crash was nodding off at the controls

Connecticut's very first whiskey comes out this Friday

On a related note, Ron Burgundy is getting his very own brand of scotch - seriously

The Yankees have a new outfielder - Jacoby Ellsbury from the Red Sox - and it'll only cost them $153 million over the next seven years

Sad news for kids of the 80s - the man who played Luigi on the Super Mario Bros. Super Show has died

The entire mall car chase sequence from the Blues Brothers recreated entirely in Lego:

Finally, this teaser poster for the new season of "Archer" is amazing:

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