Stuff You Should Know - 2013 summed up in one picture, watch the "Anchorman" sequel online, and 11 crazy things you didn't know about Santa

It's official (and, unfortunate) - they are making a "Gilligan's Island" movie

It seems like everybody is reissuing deluxe versions of classic albums this year

Some guy summed up all of 2013 in one drawing. Can you find all the references he made?

Congrats to the Rock - literally the biggest movie star in the world (he was the top grossing actor of 2013)

As we get closer and closer to Christmas, here are 11 crazy things you may not have known about Santa Claus

While everyone is getting ready to see "Anchorman 2" in theaters this weekend, few people know that there already was a second movie, released direct to DVD that you can catch online now until it gets pulled:

Finally, enjoy Gregg Allman performing "Silver Bells" on the Colbert Report:


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