Stuff You Should Know - 1/31/14

Because of the state's surplus, Governor Malloy wants to give everyone a $55 refund.

The Bluefish want Peyton Manning to yellow out "Bridgeport" instead of "Omaha" during the Super Bowl - and they'll make a donation if he does.

We've had some good ones, and some really bad ones. What were the 10 worst Super Bowl halftime shows?

Some guy in England built a customized, street legal Little Tykes Cozy Coupe car - and now I want one.

A "Seinfeld" reunion is happening.

Matt Damon is coming back to "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" next week.

As if there was any doubt, "Thor 3" is officially in the works.

"Shaknado 2: The Second One" will start filming soon in NYC...unfortunately.

Super Bowl vs. TV vs. highest grossing films - what's seen by more people?