Stuff You Should Know - 2/24/14

Are you as sick of the potholes as I am? Here's the official Connecticut webpage to report them.

Yesterday's bronze medal-winning USA bobsled was actually built in Connecticut.

The Yankees youth summer baseball camp is coming to Norwalk this year!

Is the last dry town in Connecticut ready to give up prohibition?

Because they can't agree, Kiss will not be performing at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

It's okay if you went to bed - but the Daytona 500 did actually happen (and Dale Earnhardt Jr. won)

CNN has decided to cancel Piers Morgan.

Someone screwed up! Not really - these are just hilarious intentional misprints of anti-drug pencils.

Finally, this crying Kurt Cobain statue unveiled in his hometown of Aberdeen, Washington last week is horrifying: