Stuff You Should Know - 4/9/14

Dual champs! Congrats to the UConn Women's team on a perfect season!

Sad news for wrestling fans - after a great weekend for the WWE, they announced that recent Hall of Fame inductee the Ultimate Warrior has passed away

Archie Comics is gonna kill off Archie?!?

Classic albums superimposed over current Google map images is my new obsession

I've always thought that court reporters weren't actually typing anything - now I know for sure after this reporter pulled a "Shining"

In the scariest news ever, Mazda has issued a recall because of spiders living in the gas tank!!??!!

Well...Darth Vader has been denied the chance to run for President of Ukraine

Speaking of Presidents...we're almost two years away from the next election, and Hillary Clinton says she is considering running

And finally, I've literally always wanted this to happen to me - a pinball gets stuck between bumpers eternally: