Stuff You Should Know - 6/30/14

We'll deal with showers this week...but it should be clear for the weekend

Imagine being trapped on an island for one week with someone you've never met before. It's a new reality show on A&E that's filming right now in Connecticut on one of the Thimble Islands

Beck's opening act canceled at the last minute - so he became his own opener and did an extra set

After 18 years, Pleasure Beach reopened in Bridgeport this weekend

Jack White went past curfew in Ireland and the plug was pulled...but he just kept going

Phil Collins may not be in as bad a shape as originally thought - he's hitting the studio for three weeks of rehearsals to see how he feels about doing a tour

Despite terrible reviews, lots of people saw "Transformers 4" this weekend

Remember Trapper Keepers??? They're back! (I didn't even know they stopped making them)

The Walking Dead took over the Xfinity Theatre this weekend

One of the best Monty Python skits of all time is now a smartphone game