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This Day in Music History: April 9th
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1997: Soundgarden announced that they were breaking up due to dissatisfaction within the band. They would later reunite in 2010.

1992: Sean Pierce of Fort Smith, AR was arrested while walking home & charged with wearing a smutty t-shirt after buying a shirt at a Van Halen concert the day before while they were on tour in support of For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge. The band phoned Pierce & offered to pay his fine if he was convicted. 

1989: Rolling Stones bassist, Bill Wyman who was 52 at the time announced his engagement to 19 year old Mandy Smith, who he had been dating for six years.

1979: Blondie received their first Gold record for their third album Paralell Lines which went on to sell a million copies in the U.S.

1977: During a Led Zeppelin concert at Chicago Stadium in Chicago, Jimmy Page collapsed onstage due to food poisoning one hour into their set.

1973: Queen performed a showcase concert for their new record label EMI Records at London’s Marquee Club.

1970: Pink Floyd kicked off their second tour of North America at New York City’s Fillmore East.

1969: King Crimson made their live debut at the Speakeasy in London.

1966: Jeff Beck collapsed onstage during a Yardbirds concert in Marseilles, France.

Carl Perkins born in 1932


Driven by Toyota Dealers Association of Connecticut

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