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This Day in Music History: March 31st
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2009: The Osbournes: Reloaded premiered on Fox & was cancelled after only one episode aired.

1995: Lance Cunningham tried to rush the stage and stab Jimmy Page at a Page and Plant concert at The Palace of Auburn Hills in Auburn Hills, MI. Cunningham was stopped by two security guards & after being arrested, told police he wanted to kill Page because he thought Led Zeppelin’s music contained satanic messages.

1984: Motley Crue peaked at number seventeen on the Billboard 200 Album Chart with Shout at the Devil which went on to be certified four times Platinum in the U.S.

1982: The Doobie Brothers announced that they were breaking up. They reunited in 1987 & still continue to tour to this day.

1977: Elvis Presley no-showed a concert in Baton Rouge, LA. The opening acts had performed & Presley was admitted to the Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis, diagnosed with fatigue & intestinal flu.

1972: The Official Beatles Fan Club closed. Freda Norris, who ran the club, commented that the membership in 1965 was at 80,000 & now membership was at 11,000.

1969: George and Patti Harrison were fined 250 pounds for marijuana possession in Surrey, U.K. They were arrested on Paul McCartney’s wedding day.

1967: Jimi Hendrix set fire to his guitar onstage for the first time during a concert at the Astoria in London. Hendrix burnt his hands during the stunt & was taken to a hospital.

1958: Chuck Berry released “Johnny B. Goode”, which Berry wrote as a rock and roll version of the American dream. The song has since gone on to be covered by artists ranging from AC/DC and Judas Priest to The Beach Boys and Elvis Presley.

Mick Ralphs-guitarist for Mott the Hoople and Bad Company born in 1944
Angus Young-guitarist for AC/DC born in 1955


Driven by Toyota Dealers Association of Connecticut

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