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We Dodged A Bullet Two Weeks Ago

No phone, no lights, no motor cars,  is not just a line from the Gilligan's Island theme song. It is what would happen if the earth suffered a blast of solar radiation. It is called and EMP (electro magnetic pulse) and we just missed one two weeks ago. It appears that we get hit about every 500 years. In September of 1859 we were hit with such a bust that was seen around the world. For two days there was no night. It was possible to read a newspaper at midnight from the glow of the solar burst  in our atmosphere. The ordinary bursts from the sun give us the Northern Lights. The burst in 1859 fried the telegraph lines in the United State and Europe. It such a burst happened today it would fry all cell phones, cars, and electrical grids, turning the section of the planet hit hardest into the dark ages, possibly for years. Want to see how close we came? Find the story right here


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