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Give Me A Dollar, I'll Tell You A Joke

"Can you spare some change?" You hear it when you're heading for a club or you see the person standing with a sign asking for money. It used to drive me a little nuts. I work for my money, why should I just give it to you. Then one day I said to a local panhandler, "tell me a joke and I'll give you some money". After looking at me in stunned silence, he told me a joke, I gave him 5 bucks. I forgot all about the incedent untill I ran into the same panhandler about 6 months later. He approached me, gave me 5 bucks and thanked me. "I've never made as much money as I'm making now, I've memorized about 10 jokes and offer to tell people a joke for cash. It is amazing how people will part with some cash if you give them something instead of just begging for cash." Next time you get hit up for cash, try asking for a joke. You might help someone out with more than just some spare change. You might change an attitude.

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