Charity car show for Eastynn Adams

July 17th @ 2pm at Southington drive-in-theater. To raise money for Eastynn, a 2-year-old who just underwent surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. The surgery was successful, but Eastynn will need to learn to do everything over again, walk, eat, talk, use his fine motor skills etc.

This fundraiser has been made to help Eastynn Adams his mom Naketa Adams, & his grandmother Lori Wilbur get through what’s sure to be a long road ahead, a road no one saw coming. At 2 yrs old, Eastynn has always been a smiley, fun, loving, & handsome little boy always on the GO & living his best life… Until about 2 wks ago. Suddenly Eastynn became unsteady on his feet & seemed to lose his mobility, & began to shake often. Things increasingly became worse pushing his mom to seek answers. She brought him to the drs time after time, to no avail or no answer. Then, on Tuesday, Naketa brought him back to the ER, from there he was transferred to Lebanon to be observed overnight & they would do an MRI the following morning. They hooked Eastynn to monitor after monitor to watch his brain activity overnight. Then this morning they put him to sleep to do the MRI in attempt to get answers. But the answer was anything but what any parent wants to hear. As the drs began to tell Naketa just what Eastynn was facing, her whole world came crashing down around her & she wasnt even sure if she was hearing them right as they told her that her baby boy had a brain tumor that had been growing for some time & needed surgery & a transfer to yet another much bigger hospital! As you can imagine, there will be soooo many hurdles to face. But we can help them with some of the burden such as the portions of medical that wont be covered & aftercare, the missing paychecks Naketa will face as she spends time in the hospital & caring for him once they’re out, gas is outrageous these days & they’ll need lots of it, & things like rent/bills. If you can donate, ANYTHING can help, & if you can’t all we ask is that you share Eastynns story! Lets show them they’re not alone in this journey & get Eastynn home with as little stress added as possible!!! #EastynnStrong