Hummels PLR 99 One-on-One

Chaz interviews the legends of PLR as they tell their stories and share history of our 50 years on the air.

1970s - jock Eddie Wazoo

Hummels PLR 99 One-on-One: Eddie Wazoo

Eddie Wazoo was a staple at WPLR from 1975-1981. He’s most known as the afternoon drive host and music director during one of the most fertile times in rock music. He talks about how he got his name, great behind the scenes PLR stories and why it took so long for PLR to play The…Continue Reading


Hummels PLR 99 One-on-One: Megan Doll Interview

Chaz talks with Megan Doll, who was on the air for over 20 years with 99.1 PLR. She started out doing traffic for Smith & Barber and Mike Lapitino before becoming a full part of the morning show. She left in 2013 after being a cherished member of Chaz & AJ in the Morning.Continue Reading


Hummels PLR 99 One-on-One: Rick Allison

Rick Allison began his career at WPLR in 1975 and has done everything from part time news, mornings (multiple times), program director, the voice of the station, to hosting the longest running local band show in the history of radio (heard every Sunday night). He’s been fired several times but the universe will not allow…Continue Reading

IMG_2809 (1)

Hummels PLR 99 One-on-One: Mark Kaplowe

How a very serious illness led to Mark Kaplowe’s love affair with radio. He entered the WPLR building on Chapel Street in 1975 and eventually became the afternoon drive host. He shares why he hoped Stoneman didn’t bounce off the wall twice, meeting Bono of U2, the moment Wiggy fired him and how he went…Continue Reading

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