There are certain things that happen on a radio station that aren’t supposed to go over the air. Today Chaz broke radio’s number one rule and told AJ’s “off the air” story on the AIR.

AJ, off the record, told Chaz that the people who comment negatively on his Instagram posts are “toothless earth dogs”. According to him, it is a famous expression from his old Long Island radio station.

Chaz was so flabbergasted by this that he had to go on the air with it and nominate AJ for loser of the week. “No one can have a conversation (about your Instagram photos) unless it’s about you”.

Comic Pat Oates, who was in studio, was with AJ. You can’t break the Bro Code. “The three of us talked a lot of smack when the microphones are off. There are a lot of things we could have put on the air.”

Pam, mostly because she is insane, took another angle. She nominated people that go to Trader Joe’s for loser of the week.  She went so far as calling those shoppers “organic toothless earth dogs”. It seems it is less about the store and more about rude patrons. “Open your eyes and look to see that there are other people around you. I hate when people act like they are the only people shopping at the store”.

In the end, the votes went to Chaz who accepted Loser of the Week with pride. “No one would know about toothless earth dogs if it wasn’t for me”.

Solid point