Every artist that matters has at least two hits. Every Tuesday, starting at 10am, we play two from all the biggest PLR artists of all time.

Every weekday at 12:30pm, Phil plays 3 songs from one year in music history. Guess the year and you will that day’s prize. Powered by Fine Fettle.

Go back to the 1980s every weekday at 4pm and relive a classic, forgotten gem. Powered by Art’s Television & Appliance.

Listen weekdays at 5:30pm with Mike Lapitino and correctly “Guess That Riff” to win that week’s prize. Powered by Blasius Chevrolet.

Jon Kamal takes you back to the decade of Nirvana, Soundgarden, Green Day and more as he focuses on the music of the ’90s at the start of the 9pm hour each weekday.

Join Rick Allison and Frank Critelli 10pm Sundays. Send your original music to [email protected] or The Local Bands Show, 70 Quarry Dock Road, Branford, CT 06405