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About Phil

What is your favorite spot in Connecticut?

A tap house bar during baseball season with killer burgers and tacos. Please put more red ales on tap, every bar in Connecticut. 

How long have you worked for PLR? What was your first job here?

11 years. First as intern with Chaz and AJ, then as Producer with Chaz and AJ, and adding in some air shifts along the way. 

What makes your station/show great?

WPLR is great because of its incredible history, a history that the listeners of the station are just as proud of and just as familiar with as the jocks and folks behind the scenes are. 

Chaz and AJ are great because of their unwavering support of the local community, treating the listeners with the same respect and generosity as you would with extended family.  

Favorite band or artist of all time?

This changes a lot. It started with AC/DC, my father would always turn the car stereo volume to MAX every time a song of theirs came on. Green Day, The Offspring and Rage Against the Machine throughout high school. Queens of the Stone Age, Tool and Nine Inch Nails after that. There was definitely a small period of time where the answer was Limp Bizkit ¯_(ツ)_/¯

What is the best concert you’ve ever seen?

Foo Fighters at Citi Field. Dave Grohl had broken his leg earlier in the tour, decided not to cancel and instead built a throne of lasers and guitars to play from for the rest of their shows. He decided to do two acoustic songs in the middle of the show, standing at the end of the stage and brought the Bad Brains on at the end of the night. The whole thing ruled.  

TV show or Movie that you think someone should know about?

Grosse Pointe Blank. Always loved it, never understood why people hated it. John Cusack is a hit man that inexplicably returns home for his high school reunion, falls in love with the local rock DJ, kills a bunch of people, and the soundtrack is great. Plus, Dan Akroyd is absolutely insane in this, Alan Arkin is the most hilariously ineffective therapist on the planet, and Jeremy Piven before he became Ari Gold. 

If you didn’t do radio, what would you do?

Whatever I chose to do, I’d still want to wear jeans and hoodies every day. So, dog walker? 

A skill you wish you had but sadly don’t?

I do not have an artistic bone in my body. I am always jealous of people who can look at something ordinary like a piece of wood, and then carve that into some righteous-looking bear or something. 

If you are on death row and you have a final meal. What is it?

Fun fact, this was an ice-breaker question I would use on first dates that weren’t going well.

Answer is a bowl of mussels in a white wine, butter and garlic sauce and entire loaf of Italian bread to eat with. Then, a bacon cheeseburger on a pretzel bun with fried shoestring onions, chipotle sauce, and half sour pickles. Mint chocolate chip ice cream on top of a warm fudge brownie for dessert. Then you can kill me.

Tell us one fun fact about yourself

I can burp at will. I have always been able to do this, and for some reason, both of my parents are immensely proud of me for it.

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