Mike Lapitino

Mike Lapitino | Weekdays 1PM-7PM


Been in Radio since 1976, started at WPLR in 1986 doing afternoons, the end. lol
Avid golfer, Dead Head but love blues guitarists, Clapton, BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, etc. 
WPLR musicologist and station historian (yes I know more than Allan does about the station) lol.
Born in NYC, lived in CT for most of my life and have 3 daughters and 1 grandson.
Can find me at most concerts in the state and abroad.
Active with area charities such as:
  • Norma Phriem Breast Care Center 20 years 
  • Bridgeport Hospital 20 years
  • Emcee for various fundraisers 
And most of all HATE the name Lappy!!!

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