PODCAST – Friday, October 11: Comedians Rod Man And Big Jay Oakerson Stop By, Plus Toll Talk, Loser Of The Week, Dumb Ass News, And More!

The “Governor” calls about tolls (0:00), Jennifer’s trip to the dentist yesterday (1:58), Gil Fried from the University of New Haven explains the new E-Sports curriculum (5:38), Dumb Ass News – Mike the neurosurgeon explains how he once had to pull a knife out of a guy’s skull (15:33), Scot Haney talks about the time he slept in and answered the door in his underwear (22:22), Loser of the Week – AJ nominates Sesame Street, based on their new puppet, and comedian Rod Man is in total agreement (29:11), and Big Jay Oakerson in studio while Boss Keith gives his Top 5 men’s fashion tips (34:04).