PODCAST – Friday, February 14: The 83 Year Old Who Rules Tinder And Loser Of The Week Gets Out Of Hand

Audio proof that Governor dumb-dumb is a malfunctioning robot (0:00)

Scot Haney’s Valentine’s Day plans, and the cheesy love songs he secretly loves (10:17)

83-year-old Hattie has cleaned up on Tinder. She explains her dating history, age difference, and what women need to know (18:33)

Loser of the Week – AJ nominated Boss Keith, who is on vacation, but his reasons for nominating him backfired when Phil accused AJ of doing the same thing. The whole argument was ended when Dr. Rao settled it (33:37)

Richard Colangelo, state’s attorney on the Fotis Dulos case, talks about his perspective of the case from the prosecution’s side (52:30)

President Trump calls in to talk about the Coronavirus, and whether or not Bernie Sanders is a communist (1:00:31)