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Chaz and AJ Show Rundown: Tuesday, June 16

7:00 – Kirsten Comfort, “Queen Bee” of Little Pub  7:30 – Sgt. Chris Lyons, Retired Hartford Police Detective 8:00 – Aldo Addario, “All on the Line” Discovery Channel Show 8:20 – Comedian Will Noonan Facebook and Twitter: Will Noonan Instagram: WillNoonanTheComedian Sam’s Instagram: @samdogstagram 9:00 – Mayor Ganim of Bridgeport Continue Reading

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Chaz and AJ Show Rundown: Monday, June 15

6:00 – Dr. Ron Clark, Author, “Surviving the Emergency Room” – Available at 7:00 – David Ford, Current owner of house the Dulos’ lived in 7:30 – Super Attorneys Hugh Keefe and Tara Knight 8:00 – Shelton FD Deputy Chief Paul Wilson, Facebook: Shelton Fire Department 8:20 – Allie, Ridgefield Playhouse  9:00 – Jeff Hamilton, Mohegan Sun…Continue Reading

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Friday, June 12: Ashley Falls on Her Face During Traffic, Brian Foley on Dulos Investigation Search, Boss Keith’s Kids Don’t Do Chores

During what should have been an easy traffic report, Ashley started choking, was thoroughly mocked by Chaz and AJ, and barely recovered enough to finish the report intelligibly. (0:00) State police visited a neighboring property to the Dulos house yesterday, to continue investigation into the disappearance of Jennifer Dulos, who has been missing more than…Continue Reading

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Chaz and AJ Show Rundown: Friday, June 12

7:00 – Brian Foley, Assistant to the Commissioner, Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection 7:30 – Trapper Don 8:00 – Allyson Halm, New Canaan Animal Control Officer 8:30 – Comedian Kate Clancy 9:00 – Dave, the Chicken Guy 9:30 – Seniors 2020 – Piper Killen 9:45 – Boss KeithContinue Reading


Chaz & AJ Hine Bros. Truck Group Stand Up For Vets

Chaz & AJ brought their Chaz & AJ Hine Bros. Truck Group Stand Up For Vets event to you virtually this year. Watch the virtual event below. Thank you for all your donations, benefitting Help Our Military Heroes. Thank you to our local veterans, Boston comedian Will Noonan, comedian Adam Keys and AJ, and Founder and CEO of…Continue Reading

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Chaz and AJ Show Rundown: Thursday, June 11

7:00 – Laurie Hollander, HOMH 7:10 – Scot Haney, WFSB 7:30 – Jeannine (got married over Webcam) 8:00 – Dennis House, WFSB 8:20 – Jimmy Koplik 9:00 – Tim Dillman, Grassy Hill Country Club  9:30 – Seniors 2020 – Marissa GaliciaContinue Reading

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