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  • Dumbass News: Wednesday, October 25th

    Priest slammed for destroying child’s ‘satanic’ Halloween pumpkin decorations Colorado business tries to cover $23K subcontractor debt with 3-ton coin payment: ‘A major F-U’ Naked, drunk Florida man found passed out in grassy intersection, punches cop who woke him up Missouri couple arrested while driving car with ‘We High’ license plate Think you have a………

  • Dumbass News: Tuesday, October 24th

    ‘It was over a penny’: Man charged after slapping hot coffee on McDonalds drive-thru employee Police Arrest Dog Owner For Getting Her Neighbor, 76, Sh*t-Faced Fairfield Police: Thieves used rat traps and a belt to steal mail Nebraska funeral worker fired after using sex doll of dead man he was tasked to collect Think you………

  • Dumbass News: Monday, October 23rd

    Human Skull Found in Goodwill Donation Box Meet Meiko, an Alaskan Malamute Mix Running a Write-in Campaign for Mayor of Anchorage Woman Returns From Vacation to Find Her Atlanta home Demolished by Mistake: ‘I am furious’ Think you have a dumb enough story? Submit it here… Continue Reading