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  • Dumbass News: Friday, March 29th

    Chinese man regurgitates stream of water for nearly 6 minutes Think you have a dumb enough story? Submit it here… Continue Reading

  • Dumbass News: Wednesday, March 27th

    Couple offers reward for lost wedding dress after groom left it on car roof and drove away CHP says ‘imaginary friends’ don’t count in the carpool lane, Bay Area driver busted California pastor accused of hiring $40k hitman to kill daughter’s boyfriend Man struck by car after allegedly escaping Hawaii jail Walt Disney World tourist………

  • Dumbass News: Tuesday, March 26th

    Live 12-inch eel removed from Vietnamese man’s abdomen after it slid up his anus Screeching Grand Canyon fan annoys March Madness viewers: ‘Needs to go’ Police catch impaired driver who crashed into ‘Report Impaired Drivers’ sign Teen wearing underwear on face arrested after trying to steal car in Washington state Think you have a dumb………