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Listen weekdays for Wiggy’s Lunch from 12PM-1PM featuring:

Wiggy’s Attic: Wiggy dusts off an old gem at noon.

Wiggy’s Classic Album Track: Wiggy pulls a classic vinyl record off the shelf and picks one of his favorite album cuts at 12:30pm.

Wiggy’s Windfall: Listen for his weekly prize at 12:50pm.


Born on a mountain top in Tennessee…no, that was Davey Crockett. Just rest assured Wiggy was born, long ago and far away. In fact he likes to amuse the kids by explaining what it was like when we lit the sun and why we call it Earth.

In the mid to late 60’s Wiggy was involved in “string theory” while most other scientists were still dealing with rope. When not in the lab he worked on various dairy farms in northern and southern OH10. (Ohio for those not versed in Midwest lingo)

In the early 70’s he worked in a rubber extrusion plant as a line boss and then as a truck driver throughout the Midwest. In 1973 he began a radio career in New Philadelphia because “it seemed like an easy job.” He was fired in late 74. For most of 75 Wiggy struggled to find gravity waves and calling bingo. In 1976 he got the call to come to the home of Yale University and found gainful employment at WPLR. Wiggy’s work on a cloak of invisibility since 76 has proven successful since he has avoided detection by the 7 different companies that have bought the station and fired numerous co-workers. (If you have actually read all this you must have lots of time on your hands and deserve something. Write Drew, maybe he has some key fob or something to send you. Forget about a t-shirt! Those cost money and God knows even we have to beg for them and we work here!)


Listen weekdays at 12:50pm for Wiggy’s Windfall and play the “Five in Ten” game to win! Wiggy will give you a category, you name five items in 10 seconds, you win!

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