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  • New Britain Chief Of Police Running Marathon

    New Britain Police Chief James Wardwell is on his way to the Boston Marathon to compete. He's talking to us on his way there about his feelings about today at 6:45am. 

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  • AJ Is Finally Back

    After 6 days of being out sick, AJ is finally back at work. At 6:16am, we will hear alllll about the crazy shenanigans he got himself into. 

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  • Top 10 Metal Bands From The 1980's






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  • Live Wigout at Captain's Cove Seaport

    Come on down for the next Live Wigout!

    Friday May 23rd from 2-7pm at Captain's Cove Seaport, 1 Bostwick Avenue in Bridgeport. There will be live music from Crosseyed Cat, prize giveaways and the live uncensored Wigout!

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  • Connecticut ComiCONN

    Connecticut's BIGGEST Event for Comics, Sci-Fi and Collectibles is BACK...and it's now 3 days in a NEW LOCATION! Join PLR at Connecticut ComiCONN on August 15, 16 and 17, 2014 at Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport. Read More
  • Weedstock at Mixville Park in Cheshire

    Weed Amber Ale presents Weedstock II on Saturday May 31st from 12-6pm at Mixville Park in Cheshire. Bands, Beer, Food and Fun for the whole family! Advance ticket sales $20 per person; children 13 and under free. Tickets $25 at the door. Read More
  • Party with Pam before The Jerry Garcia Symphonic Celebration

    PLR welcomes The Jerry Garcia Symphonic Celebration featuring Warren Haynes at The Toyota Oakdale Theatre on Thursday May 15th. Join Pam for the PAM-demonium Party from 5-7pm inside the Xfinity Lounge at the Oakdale! Read More
  • Girls of the Web: 4/20

    Fun Fact about Amber:

    I keep sentimental cards from those I care about

    Check out the rest of Amber's photoshoot here.

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  • Girls of the Web: 4/19

    Fun Fact about Amber:

    Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday food, family, football – what could be better?

    Check out the rest of Amber's photoshoot here.

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  • Girls of the Web: 4/18

    Fun Fact about Amber:

    The Walking Dead is my favorite show. Although, I do enjoy watching cops and The first 48. I also like watching shark week.

    Check out the rest of Amber's photoshoot here.

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  • Beer Mug: Weekender Wheat

    Name: Weekender Wheat

    Brewery: Geneva Lake Brewing Company

    Location: Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

    Taste: This classic wheat beer offers all the thirst quenching refreshment you expect from your favorite ‘go to’ beer.

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  • This Day in Music History: April 18th

    2004: Guns N’ Roses reached number one on the U.K. Album Chart with their Greatest Hits album. The album peaked at number three in the U.S.

    2003: Aerosmith and Kiss announced that they would be touring together on a co-headlining tour named Rocksimus Maximus which would start in August and go on through the end of the year and gross over $64 million. Read More

  • Chaz and AJ Podcasts - 4/18/14

    Hard evidence that Pam might be the worst singer ever, Comedian Jim Gallagher in studio for Dumb Ass News, where idiots in ski masks stage a child abduction from a playground in Washington state, and Jimmy O is in studio with all the best advice (and lingo) for a successful fishing season. 

    PLR Podcasts HERE

    Fox Podcasts HERE

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  • Impossible Trivia: Rocky Broadway Tickets

    PLR and Title Boxing Club want to send you to Rocky Broadway! Listen to Chaz & AJ all this week to win! Listen for the IMPOSSIBLE TRIVIA Question at 9:20am, be the first caller at 203-882-9757 or toll free 1-877-R-NICKEL with the correct answer and win a pair of tickets to see any Tuesday-Friday night performance between 5/20-6/5! Read More
  • April 18th Loser: Producer Phil

    For the first time ever in the history of his job, Phil asked a guest to take gum out of their mouth before going on air. Too bad it was Dakota Meyer, the Medal of Honor recipient. Then, proceeds to bring him a trash can like he was an insubordinate student and Phil was the strict teacher. 

    Pick your battles Mr. Big Bad Producer Boy

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  • This Is A Great Day In The History Of Clean

    On this day in 1934 in Fort Worth, Texas, the first laundromat in America opened. It was called a Washateria and it was not coin operated. It had 4 machines, rented by the hour. It was just for washing. Folks continued to use the sun and clothes lines at home for any drying. Read More
  • Gear Up: Ciclotte Exercise Bike

    Brought to you by Cannondale Generators and Generac

    NAME:  Ciclotte Exercise Bike

    WHAT DOES IT DO:   The Ciclotte features a complex dual satellite epicycloid transmission, a carbon-and-alcantara adjustable saddle, a touch-screen display, pedals placed closer to the saddle for correct biomechanics, a slender, unicycle-style frame, and unique carbon handlebars.

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  • Stuff You Should Know - 4/18/14

    Another major store has a debit card security breach, we're getting closer to Tron-like roadways, and the New York Times doesn't care for Jerry Seinfeld's Connecticut episode of "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee." All that and more in today's Stuff You Should Know! Read More
  • Be Jealous. We're Eating Lobster

    To be good for the first time this Good Friday, the famous Stonebridge Restaurant in Milford is here with an assortment of fresh seafood. Oh yea, jumbo shrimp, lump crab, scallops, lobster, etc....just the best. 

    We're talking to Rich and his crew about all the fun happening at Stonebridge this summer. Check em out here

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  • There's A Lot To Choose From

    Vote for your choice for Loser of the Week at 8:16 and 8:30. 

    Call: 203-882-9757 or 877-R-NICKEL

    Or post it here to our facebook

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  • Would You Rather Be Fishing

    Jimmy from Jimmy O's Bait & Tackle in Black Rock on show with how you can catch the biggest fish at 7:45am.

    And we're fishing for your crazy fishing stories. Call it in: 203-882-9757 or 877-R-NICKLE

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  • Comedian Jim Gallagher Is Here

    Jim Gallagher hanging out in studio all morning. Why is Tiki Barber sitting next to him?

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  • Worst Singer Ever

    Yesterday, Pam made fun of guest Brian Averna for singing and playing guitar live on the show. So, the guys made her sing Radiohead's Creep. It was bad. 

    Listen to it again today at 6:15

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  • Girls of the Web: 4/17

    Fun Fact about Amber:

    I can eat boxes of fruit snacks and gushers in one sitting

    Check out the rest of Amber's photoshoot here.

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