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  • Girls of the Web: 8/19

    Fun Fact about Alle: 

    I am a Libra.

    Get more of Alle here.

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  • Beer Mug: Battlefield IPA

    Name: Battlefield IPA
    Brewery: Avondale Brewing Company
    Location: Birmingham, Alabama
    Taste: The Battlefield IPA is a new twist on an American India Pale Ale. Our master blend of west coast hops and the finest American and European malt distinguishes itself from many IPAs on the battlefield. A hoppy citrus and floral nose invites you to experience the perfectly balanced IPA. The natural bouquet of our hop blend and malt gives this IPA a victory all its own. You will agree the battle has been won when you reward yourself with our outstanding spin on the IPA.
    What make it special? The States were at war and one fateful day a troop of Union soldiers, occupying what is now Avondale Park, came across a posse of Confederate Home Guards. When shots were exchanged near the house of the town sheriff, a stray bullet struck his wife in the breast as she stood on the porch of her house. Luckily, she made a full recovery! Read More
  • This Day in Music History: August 19th

    Driven by Toyota Dealers Association of Connecticut

    2007: A concert in honor of late Boston singer Brad Delp was held at the Bank of America Pavilion in Boston & featured performances by Godsmack, Extreme, RTZ & Boston.

    2005: A bronze statue of Thin Lizzy frontman Phil Lynott was unveiled on Harry Street in Lynott’s hometown of Dublin, Ireland. Read More

  • Gear Up: Hormel Black Label Bacon-Fueld Motorcycle

    Name: Hormel Black Label Bacon-Fueld Motorcycle
    What Does It Do: Well…it’s a motorcycle that runs on 100% biodiesel aka bacon grease
    How Much: $TBD
    Fun Fact: It. Runs. On. BACON! Read More
  • AJ's Car of the Day 1954 Hudson Hornet Coupe

    Car: Hudson Hornet Coupe

    Year: 1954

    What makes it special: Introduced for the 1951 model year, the Hornet was based on Hudson's "step-down" design, merging body and chassis frame into a single structure, with the floor pan recessed between the car's chassis rails instead of sitting on top of them, so you actually "stepped down" into a Hudson. For the 1954 model year, the model underwent a major square-lined redesign, with extensive retooling because of the way the step-down frame wrapped around the passenger compartment. A simpler grille, a functional Hood Scoop, a new one-piece curved windshield, period-typical fender chrome accents, and the formerly sloped rear end now squared off being some of those changes. The front to rear fender line was styled to make the car look longer and its taillights were also redesigned.

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  • Chaz and AJ Podcasts - 8/19/14

    NASCAR star and CT native Joey Logano calls in to comment on the Tony Stewart situation and to tell us about a fun event next month at On Track Karting in Wallingford. Also, another priceless AJ meltdown during this morning's Top 10 List, Lt. Paul Vance accepts Chaz and AJ's Ice Bucket Challenge nomination, and veterinarian Dr. Marc DiBerardino helps the Tribe with their pets. 

    PLR Podcasts HERE

    Fox Podcasts HERE

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  • Stuff You Should Know - 8/19/14

    A Connecticut man who faked his own death really poorly, Tom Hanks has the most popular app in the world, Nikki Sixx vs. Gene Simmons, UConn’s starting quarterback is named, Stevie Nicks, and you won’t believe who Paul McCartney is working on new music with. All that and much more in today’s Stuff You Should Know! Read More
  • Nascar Driver Joey Logano On Show

    Meet CT native and Nascar driver Joey Logano on September 18th for the Joey Logano Foundation at On-Track Karting in Wallingford. 

    Click here for schedule and all the details

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  • Adrian The Chef With Bahama Style Mac N Cheese

    Field reporter Beth met Adrian the Chef when he was drinking downtown Stamford. We fell in love with him, and brought him into the studio, We're trying his famous mac n cheese, and playing Bob Marley Shock Collar Trivia

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  • Talk To The Vet About Your Pet

    Dr. DiBeradino with Orange Veterinary Hospital is on the show at 7:30/7:45am--call in with behavioral and medical questions about your pet.


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  • Tough Guy & Gal Moments

    A guy got shot in the head, and walked himself to the hospital. So, we are taking your tough guy moment stories--call in 877-R-NICKEL

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    Aunt Jemima, has been the face of some of the most popular Quaker Oats products for more than a century. But according to Aunt Jemima's family, the nationally known image was stolen. D.W. Hunter,great-grandson of Anna Short Harrington whose likeness allegedly became "Aunt Jemima"  filed a class action lawsuit for a whopping $2 billion on behalf of all of Harrington's great grandkids. The suit is filed against Quaker Oats, its parent company Pepsi Co. and all related subsidiaries. Hunter alleges that "the companies conspired to deny that Harrington had been an employee of Quaker Oats, all the while exploiting her image and recipes for profit, while refusing to pay an 'equitable fair share of royalties' to her heirs for more than 60 years." The lawsuit also claims that the Quaker Oats company lied about having employment records acknowledging Harrington worked for them, even after the company was sent a death certificate that listed the company as Harrington's employer. Quaker Oats told the Chicago Tribune it does not believe the lawsuit carries any merit at all.


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  • Girls of the Web: 8/18

    Fun Fact about Alle: 

    I only drive American made vehicles.

    Get more of Alle here.

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  • Lappy's Ticket Window: Kevin James Tickets

    Listen for Lappy’s Ticket Window at 3:50pm for tickets to Comedian Kevin James at Mohegan Sun Arena Saturday, September 13th. Each day Mike Lapitino will open the ticket window and give away a pair of tickets to see Kevin James. Be the ninth caller at 203-882-WPLR and win! Read More
  • This Day in Music History: August 18th

    Driven by Toyota Dealers Association of Connecticut

    1997: The Rolling Stones drove to a press conference at the Brooklyn Bridge in a 1955 Cadillac to announce their tour in support of Bridges to Babylon.

    1992: Courtney Love gave birth to her only child with Nirvana singer/guitarist Kurt Cobain. They had a daughter named Frances Bean.

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  • Gear Up: Garrison Bespoke Bulletproof Suit

    Name: Garrison Bespoke Bulletproof Suit
    What Does It Do: Using the same material as US troops, yes – this is a bulletproof suit
    How Much: $TBD
    Fun Fact: This is like a real-life Q product from James Bond come to life! Read More
  • AJ's Car of the Day 1967 Sunbeam Tiger MK II

    Car: Sunbeam Tiger MK II

    Year: 1967

    What makes it special: Sunbeam Tiger's are the V8 high-performance version of the British Rootes Group's Sunbeam Alpine Roadster which was designed in part by the late Carroll Shelby and produced from 1964 until 1967. He had carried out a similar V8 conversion on the AC Cobra, and hoped to be offered the contract to produce the Tiger at his facility in America.

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  • Chaz and AJ Podcasts - 8/18/14

    Senator Blumenthal and Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra both called in to talk about Chaz and AJ nominating them for the Ice Bucket Challenge, and Pam totally blew recording her interview with Bret Michaels backstage at the Milford Oyster Festival. Also, Beth brought in some wacky audio from ComiCONN in Bridgeport, and a man was arrested for using his leaf blower, naked. 

    PLR Podcasts HERE

    Fox Podcasts HERE

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  • Stuff You Should Know - 8/18/14

    We’re getting closer to the medical marijuana being ready in Connecticut; plus, a look at the new foods coming to the Big E, a reunion of two of the biggest stars of the 80s and 90s, and the famous painting that has a word spelled incorrectly. All that and more in today’s Stuff You Should Know! Read More
  • Woodstock 45th Anniversary: Amazing Photos

    The New York Daily News put together a great slideshow with pics from Woodstock....45 years ago. Today would be day 3 of the event. 

    Check it out here

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  • The Gossip Goddess With Where Casey Kasem's Body Is Now

    Zayda Rivera with the New York Daily News is on the show with that story, what Gene Simmons is banned from and Robin Williams' memorial

    Follow her on twitter @riverazayda

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  • Fox CT's Jenn Bernstein Is Back

    Anchor Jenn Bernstein has moved 7 times since 2011--we're finding out why, and why she's back in CT at Fox CT

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  • Beth Gets Hit On At The ComiCONN

    Our field reporter, Beth went to the ComiCONN this weekend to grab some audio---and got hit on by some very interesting people in costumes. 

    She's here with her audio today at 7:30/7:45

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  • Chaz & AJ Poured Ice Water On Bret Michaels

    Chaz & AJ challenged Bret Michaels to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge live on stage at the Milford Oyster Fest. He gladly did it--and continued rocking afterwards! 

    Check out the video on his website here

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  • Chaz & AJ Ice Bucket Challenge

    Last Friday, Chaz & AJ took on the Ice Bucket Challenge after being nominated by New Britain Mayor Erin Stewart. Watch their video here

    They nominated Lt. Paul Vance, Jill Merriam from Key Hyundai, Richard Blumenthal, NBC NY Brynn Gingras, Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra, and rocker Bret Michaels...

    We are playing audio from all of their videos this morning

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