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1970 Plymouth Valiant

AJ’s Car of the Day: 1971 Plymouth Valiant Scamp

Car: Plymouth Valiant Scamp Year: 1971 What makes it special: The Valiant was produced and sold by Chrysler’s Plymouth division for model years 1960 through 1976. It launched the company into the compact car market, and was known for its reliability and durability. What made it famous: In 1971, Scamp was the top-of-the-line, two-door hardtop Valiant.…Continue Reading

62 fairlane

AJ’s Car of the Day: 1962 Ford Fairlane

Car: Ford Fairlane Year: 1962 What makes it special: Manufactured and sold by Ford for model years 1955 through 1970, the Fairlane went from a full-sized to intermediate family car by the 1962 model year. What made it famous: Moved to the new intermediate models for the 1962 model year, Fairlane was the fill-in between…Continue Reading

1959 Dodge custom royal

AJ’s Car of the Day: 1957 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer

Car: Dodge Custom Royal Lancer ( * Car shown at Road Ready Used Cars in Ansonia CT ) Year: 1957 What makes it special: Dodge refreshed their model lineup, continuing the three-line scheme with the entry-level Coronet, Royal and the more ornate Custom Royal. What made it famous: The Custom Royal was Dodge’s flagship model.…Continue Reading

1970 Plymouth GTX

AJ’s “Badass Friday” Car of the Day: 1970 Plymouth GTX

Car: Plymouth GTX Year: 1970 What makes it special: The GTX was introduced as the Belvedere GTX in 1967 by the Plymouth division. It was positioned as a mid-sized upscale-trimmed performance muscle car through the 1971 model year. The 1970 GTX received a minor redesign with a new grille and rear taillights. Sales were low as the car did not look much different from…Continue Reading

Pat Oates

Chaz and AJ Show Rundown: June 28

6:00. A Connecticut guy has an idea on how to deal with bears in his neighborhood that has outraged many in his town. Charles Munn is on the phone. 6:13. Sports. 6:20- 6:40. What not to do with fireworks. Everyone on gets in the running for Rangers/Islanders tickets! 877-764-2535 7:00. Dr. Ron Clark is on…Continue Reading

1978 Dodge Magnum GT

AJ’s Car of the Day: 1979 Dodge Magnum GT

Car: Dodge Magnum GT Year: 1979 What makes it special: Dodge’s Magnum model debuted for the 1978 model year to supplement the Charger model, and was available in either the “XE” or “GT” versions. Magnum was the last of Chrysler’s B-platform models. It featured four rectangular headlights that sat behind clear, retractable covers, narrow Opera…Continue Reading


Chaz and AJ Show Rundown: June 27

6:00. Missing mom update. It got really weird. 6:13. Sports powered by Road Ready Used cars. 6:20 – 6:40. Call in your hillbilly moment. Everyone on gets in the running for Rangers/Islanders tickets! 877-764-2535 7:00. How Kim Goldman found out her brother was murdered and OJ was arrested for it. She has a new podcast.…Continue Reading

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