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Chaz and AJ Week In Review

AJ rages about parking, we make suggestions for fixing Chaz’s resting bitch-face, and Megan Doll makes a guest appearance! Reading


More Wally Backman Stories!

Wally Backman tells the guys how he broke his World Series ring on another guy’s face, and takes a few calls from The Tribe. Reading


Wally Backman Stories!

Wally Backman recalls the Buckner moment, and owns his infamous on and off the field outbursts. Reading


Former METS Champ Wally Backman In Studio Today

Here’s what is happening on today’s Chaz & AJ: We’re pumped to have the infamous Wally Backman in studio at 8:20, comedian Beecher at 7am, Loser of the Week, Boss Keith’s Top 5 and here’s what else is going on today:   CALL INTO CHAZ & AJ: 877-764-2535   6:00. Chaz and AJ News. Classic…Continue Reading


Governor Malloy vs Reporters

Governor Dannel Malloy called a press conference yesterday, and proceeded to berate the reporters in attendance. Chaz and AJ break down the madness. #GovsGottaGo Photo Credit: Getty Images/Blend Images/Hill Street StudiosContinue Reading

Dumb Ass News

Drunk guy’s hair catches fire… twice… you’d think he would notice…. Photo Credit: Getty Images/Tim BirdContinue Reading

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