AJ’s Car of the Day: 1978 Dodge “Lil” Red Express Pickup

AJ’s Car of the Day: 1978 Dodge “Lil” Red Express Pickup

Car: (Or in this case, truck ) Dodge “Lil’ Red Express” Pickup

Year: 1978

What makes it special: Dodge released the Lil’ Red Express Truck in 1978, and it was one of the most unique trucks that had ever been produced. The Lil’ Red Express was not only a real looker but was a real performer as well. In 1978, The Dodge Lil’ Red Express was the fastest American made vehicle from 0 to 100 MPH as tested by Car and Driver magazine.

What made it famous: Because of a loophole in the emissions regulations, the 1978 Dodge Lil’ Red Express Truck’s did not have catalytic converters. What the Lil’ Red Express DID have was a special High Performance 360 cu in 4-barrel small block modified version of the 360 police engine, producing 225 net horsepower @ 3800 RPM. The package also included Hemi style mufflers with a crossover pipe breathing through 2 chrome stacks located behind the cab, a special 727 transmission and 3.55:1 rear gearing. It rode on GR60x15 raised white letter tires on 7-inch Chrome wheels up front and LR60x15 on 8-inch chrome wheels on the rear, with no spare included. All 1978 Dodge Lil’ Red Express Truck’s were automatics, and interiors were available with a standard bench seat in red or black or with optional buckets and a fold down arm/rest console. 1978 and some early 1979 Dodge Lil’ Red Express Truck’s used the “tuff” steering wheel.

Why I would want one: I’m always interested in the low-production, specialty or factory hot rods.

Fun fact: Dodge’s Lil’ Red Express Truck was a hit with the public, and a total of 2,188 were produced for 1978.

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