AJ’s Car of the Day: 1937 Cadillac Series 6067 Convertible Coupe

AJ’s Car of the Day: 1937 Cadillac Series 6067 Convertible Coupe

Car: Cadillac convertible series 6067 convertible coupe

Year: 1937

What makes it special: The late 1930s were a time of major transition for America’s luxury auto makers. Those companies that survived the Great Depression now faced a drastically different market with fewer buyers opting for expensive coachbuilt bodies, and instead buying readily-built factory-supplied cars straight off the show floor. The Series 60 debuted in 1936, and was a true Cadillac. Harley Earl designed a new body with a distinct tall and narrow grille, V-shaped windscreen and round fenders.

What made it famous: Built from 1936 to 1938, the original Series 60 was a great driving car, available in a variety of body styles and configurations.The 1937 Cadillac Series 60 wore an uncommon and elegant convertible coupe body by Fisher. 1937 models were refreshed by Harley Earl to wear a distinct die cast egg crate grille and complementary bright hood side vents with V8 logos. Power was courtesy of Cadillac’s new and less expensive “Monoblock” V8 engine displacing 322 cubic inches and producing 125 horsepower, which increased to 135 with when the engine was upgraded to 346 cubes the following year. The chassis featured GM’s Knee-Action independent front suspension as well as dual servo brakes.

Why I would want one: It’s very elegant. Driving a car like this would make anyone feel like they had “arrived” in life.

Fun fact: With approximately 7,000 built vs 31,000 Series 50 LaSalles,  it remains relatively rare today.

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