AJ’s Car of the Day: 1970 Chevrolet El Camino 396 Super-Sport

AJ’s Car of the Day: 1970 Chevrolet El Camino 396 Super-Sport

Car:  Chevrolet El Camino 396 Super-Sport

Year: 1970

What makes it special: The El Camino was produced by Chevrolet between 1959–60 and 1964–1987. El Camino was adapted from a two-door station wagon platform that integrated the cab and cargo bed into the body. Introduced in the 1959 model year in response to the success of the Ford Ranchero, its first run lasted only two years. Production resumed for the 1964–1977 model years based on the Chevelle platform, and continued for the 1978–1987 model years based on the GM G-body platform.

What made it famous: The 1970 models received sheet metal revisions that gave the bodies a more squared-up stance, and interiors were also redesigned. The new SS396, which actually displaced 402 cu in although all emblems read 396, was available. Chevrolet’s largest and most-powerful engine of the time was also put into a select few El Caminos. The LS6 454 CID engine, rated at 450 hp gave the El Camino 1/4-mile times in the lower 13-second range at around 108 mph.

Why I would want one: I’ve had Ford’s Ranchero model and loved it. With the El Camino, I get the good looks of a Chevelle with the utility capabilities of a pickup.

Fun fact: Although based on corresponding General Motors car lines, the vehicle is classified and titled in North America as a SUV.
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