Chaz & AJ host final gubernatorial debate Monday

Chaz & AJ host final gubernatorial debate Monday

Chaz and AJ will once again be hosting the last gubernatorial debate live on the air Monday November 5th, the day before election day.

Republican Bob Stefanowski will face off against Democrat Ned Lamont starting at 7:30am with a no holds barred debate with questions coming from the show hosts as well as the listeners.

“This is the last chance for the two major candidates to make their case to undecided voters. It’s live with some of the questions coming from listeners, so anything can happen,” Chaz said.

“Chaz and AJ are truly a unique team,” said Operations Manager Keith Dakin, “There are so few shows in the country that matter to the local political landscape as this one does. Chaz and AJ have figured out how to balance comedy,  music and politics in an extremely compelling way. These candidates are going to be exposed to an audience that is interested, passionate and, for many of them, undecided.”


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