AJ’s Car of the Day: 1962 Cadillac Series-62 4-Door Hardtop

AJ’s Car of the Day: 1962 Cadillac Series-62 4-Door Hardtop

Car: Cadillac Series 62 4-Door Hardtop

Year: 1962

What makes it special: The Series 62 was produced by Cadillac from 1940 through 1964. Originally designed to replace the entry level Series 65, it became the Cadillac Series 6200 in 1959, and remained that until it was renamed to Cadillac Calais for the 1965 model year. The Series 62 was also marketed as the Sixty-Two and the Series Sixty-Two.

What made it famous: Cadillac was restyled and re-engineered for 1961. A mild face lift characterized Cadillac styling trends for 1962. A flatter grille with a thicker horizontal center bar and more delicate cross-hatched insert appeared. Ribbed chrome trim panel, seen ahead of the front wheel housings for 1961, were now replaced with standard cornering lamps and front fender model and series identification badges were eliminated. More massive front bumper end pieces appeared and housed rectangular parking lamps. At the rear tail lamps were now housed in vertical nacelles designed with an angled peak at the center. A vertically ribbed rear beauty panel appeared on the deck lid latch panel. Cadillac script also appeared on the lower left side of the radiator grille. Engines remained 325 hp, 390 cu in V8’s, and all models were equipped with an automatic transmission.

Why I would want one: If you wanted to show you had made it in the world, you drove a Cadillac.

Fun fact: A Series-62 Cadillac Convertible had a starring role in the 1992 smash-hit comedy movie, “My Cousin Vinny” starring actors Joe Pesci and Marisa Tomei.