AJ’s “Badass Friday” Car of the Day: 1965 Dodge Coronet 500 Hardtop

AJ’s “Badass Friday” Car of the Day: 1965 Dodge Coronet 500 Hardtop

Car: Dodge Coronet 500 Hardtop

Year: 1965

What makes it special: The Coronet was marketed by Dodge as a full-size car in the 1950’s, initially the division’s highest trim line but, starting in 1955, the lowest trim line. The Coronet reappeared for the 1965 model year as the intermediate sized B-body using a 117-inch wheelbase. For 1965, Dodge sold slightly over 209,000 units, making the Coronet the most popular model sold by Dodge that year. Trim levels initially were base Coronet including a Deluxe version, Coronet 440 and Coronet 500.

What made it famous: The top of the Coronet line-up was the Coronet 500 and was available only as a two-door hardtop or convertible in 1965. Slightly over 33,300 units were sold in 1965 and included as standard, a V8 engine at 273 cubic inches, exterior trim and badging, bucket seats, padded dash and chrome floor console. Coronets were manufactured at Chrysler’s Los Angeles assembly plant and at Lynch Road assembly plant in Detroit. Engines offered for 1965 included the base 225 Slant-Six, 273, 318 Polyhead, 361 of which was the last year for this big block engine was 1966, 383 and 426 in multiple HP choices. Sales brochures list the 413 its last year offered)as available, but no records exist of this engine, commonly used in Imperials, being installed in Coronets for 1965. A tachometer was optional.

Why I would want one: Love the 1960’s Mopar offerings. They had looks, and available powerplants to match.

Fun fact: A Coronet is a small crown consisting of ornaments fixed on a metal ring.