AJ’s Car of the Day: 1936 Plymouth P2 Business Coupe

AJ’s Car of the Day: 1936 Plymouth P2 Business Coupe

Car: Plymouth P2 Business Coupe

Year: 1936

What makes it special: The 1936 Plymouth models were substantially changed, but didn’t look it. The 1936 Plymouth frame was redesigned with half-inch deeper side rails, plus a straight front crossmember to replace the previous Y-brace, which allowed extending the X-member forward for greater torsional strength. The new chassis reduced ride height by one inch, which combined with updated styling for a somewhat sleeker look, announced by a taller, narrower “fencer’s mask” grille. Each series got its own designation: P1 for Business models, P2 for DeLuxe’s. 

What made it famous: Plymouth’s sturdy, reliable powertrain was basically unchanged, but a low-compression 65-bhp engine option was added, part of a package that also included the longer rear-axle ratio and other economy features of the previous PJE coupe. Also new for ’36 was a unique shift-lever design that didn’t wobble when the car was in motion. A new radiator grille, ornament, headlamps and hood louvers, new heavier fenders and more massive body were also part of the 1936 model.

Why I would want one: It’s a great-looking car, and for those who like to be different, it’s a nice departure from the usual offerings from the other big manufacturers of the day.

Fun fact: The 1935-36 models were a solid success that deserve credit for advancing the state of the art in “common man” cars.