AJ’s Car ( Or in this case, Truck ) of the Day: 1969 International Harvester Scout

AJ’s Car ( Or in this case, Truck ) of the Day: 1969 International Harvester Scout

Car (Or in this case, Truck ): International Harvester Scout

Year: 1969

What makes it special: The International Harvester Scout is an off-road vehicle produced from 1961 to 1980. A precursor of more sophisticated SUV’s to come, it was created as a competitor to the Jeep, and it initially featured a fold-down windshield. The Scout and second-generation Scout II were produced in Fort Wayne, Indiana, as two-door trucks with a removable hard top with options of a full-length roof, half-cab pickup, and/or soft top.

What made it famous: The Scout 800 replaced the Scout 80 in 1965. The new 800 model was built from 1965 to 1968. These models had many improvements in comfort and design, including bucket seats, better instrumentation and heating systems, updated dashboard, optional rear seats, and optional 196 four-cylinder, or 232 inline-six. Beginning in March 1967, a 266 ci V8 engine was also offered. Externally, changes were limited to an anodized aluminum grille with a rectangular “International” logo paced on the grille, the IH badge was moved to the hood, the door handles became the button type, and the tailgate no longer included the “hooks.” The base engine was a naturally aspirated “Comanche” 152 four-cylinder with 93 hp, of which a turbocharged version with 111 hp was also offered. In August 1966, the turbo version was complemented by the bigger 196 which used less fuel with exactly the same power. The 196 motor achieved 20 mpg. The turbo version was dropped in early 1968. The fold-down windshield was still available, code 16536, but few were ordered because this was not advertised and the vacuum wipers were moved to the bottom of the windshield frame with the fixed windshield.

Why I would want one: Again, this falls under the “something different” category. You see so many Jeeps, but how many International Scouts do you see? It’s for those who want something out of the ordinary. ( With no disrespect to Jeep lovers of course )

Fun fact: International Harvester began building trucks and pickups in 1907. In 1953, it added a truck-based people carrier, the Travelall. In the late 1950’s, it began to design a competitor for the two-door Jeep CJ 4×4. The 1961 model year Scout 80 made its debut in late 1960.