Dr. Rao in studio- How to Conquer Flu Season

Dr. Rao in studio- How to Conquer Flu Season

Flu season is well among us, and it’s hitting hard; 11 people in Connecticut have already died from this season’s strain.

Dr. Rao from Fairfield Urgent Care was in the Chaz and AJ studios today to debunk all the flu rumors spreading around this year, latex gloves and all….

The flu this year is “tricky”, Dr. Rao says, so one sure fire way to outsmart it is to get the flu shot, even if you don’t think you need it.

“You can still get the flu (with the shot), but what the flu shot does is help your body get ready for the flu, so that it is not so bad.” Dr. Rao says.

If you are suddenly caught with the flu, shot or not, “the most important thing to do is to stay home”. This does not include catching up on chores and partaking in strenuous activities, Rao advises. It is, however, a good time to rest and catch up on Netflix; Rao recommends the Fyre Festival documentary.

If you’re feeling a little extreme, you can follow Dr. Rao’s footsteps and take Sudafed, no doctor’s note needed (Just show the pharmacist your ID). This will dry up your nose when you feel a cold coming on. Be careful, as older people are more at risk for problems when taking Sudafed.

Otherwise, Dr. Rao says the best way to avoid germs “is washing your hands and staying away from people.”

When all else fails, just stay in bed, rest, and eat some chicken soup.


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