The Agony of De-FEET

The Agony of De-FEET

AJ LOVES Instagram, almost as much as he loves his feet. In fact, he posted the above photo captioned “S***’s going down in 3, 2, 1” last Sunday for an alleged social media experiment, and it got him into a viral mess. Thank god someone took a screen shot; AJ underestimated how many people would see his post and took the photo down after enduring an hour of comment section chaos.

During the show last Monday, Listener Kyle the Janitor, or in this case nicknamed “The Rat King”, called in to express his disapproval of the photo.

“AJ stole that quiet innocent Sunday morning right away for me from my feet,” Kyle said. “I take a quick little browse on Instagram…” said Kyle, and found what was “by far, the creepiest, most terrifying AJ picture I’ve ever seen.” Kyle blames the photo on AJ’s recent discovery of the smartphone camera timer.

By Tuesday morning, the photo was posted to the Chaz and AJ and WPLR social media pages and went viral among the listener community. Chaz thinks AJ posted the photo for attention, “No one takes a photo in bed and thinks ‘oh the guys are gonna love this’”.

Aj said, “I probably should have done it in the living room instead, looking back, that was a mistake (doing it in bed).” AJ claimed that he was still “half-drunk” from celebrating his “killer act” at the comedy show the night before.

AJ also blocked Kyle from viewing his personal Instagram. “He blocked my Instagram account but the rats never die” Kyle said in a chat message to Phil with copies of AJ’s recent posts attached, “My resources are endless; I am the Rat King.”

Some wonderful comments from the Chaz and AJ FB Post that caught the morning show’s eyes…


The topic stayed off of the show’s radar until Kyle called back on Friday. He’s noticed that AJ had not posted anything about his feet since last Monday.

Kyle also reported that he got locked out of work last Wednesday and was in the cold while listening to the podcast from that week. As he got locked out, AJ was saying in the podcast in reference to Kyle, “We’ve got something for you, we’ll see”.

“Did this guy make an assassination attempt on the Rat King?” Kyle asked. The battle was not over…

Everything came together during the Chaz and AJ Week in Review on Facebook Live after the Friday show. Chaz casually asks AJ if he will post any photos during the weekend, and AJ got defensive again, “they’re never planned, they always just happen, they’re organic”.

This was when the show questioned AJ’s technique for taking the photo. “10 seconds is plenty of time” to press the button and pose, but the show was not convinced and needed a live demonstration.

Kyle commented that he would love to see AJ’s camera roll on his phone in addition to the demonstration selfie, and that’s when AJ snapped. He started throwing F-Bombs around and threatened to leave the room, it got real intense!

The viewers and the show felt bad and tried to reassure him that it was all in good fun and was just a joke, just as AJ was saying all along. And just like that, AJ was back to his normal self, cracking liners and going along with the bit.

“We got all of AJ today; creepy, angry, and funny.” Phil remarks.

AJ claims that he will not post a photo like that again, but we know how that goes…

And as for The Rat King? Kyle comments “I finally did it, I made him snap.”

I guess we can say…long live the Rat King.