AJ’s Car of the Day: 1967  AMC Rambler Rebel SST Convertible

AJ’s Car of the Day: 1967 AMC Rambler Rebel SST Convertible

Car: AMC Rambler Rebel SST Convertible

Year: 1967

What makes it special: The AMC Rambler Rebel was a midsized car produced by the American Motors Corporation from 1967 to 1970, replacing the Rambler Classic. The Rebel was replaced by the similar AMC Matador for the 1971 model year. The Rebel was positioned as the high-volume seller in the independent automaker’s line of models. The Rebel was available in several specialty models that included limited numbers of station wagons with special-themed trim and luxury equipment that were offered only in certain geographical areas.

What made it famous:The 1967 Rambler Rebel was a completely new design from its predecessor, the Rambler Classic. Now a larger car riding on a longer wheelbase, the width was also increased to enlarge interior passenger space and cargo capacity. The new body design was in sharp contrast to its predecessor’s “straight-edge” design, featuring a smooth, rounded appearance with sweeping rooflines, “Coke-bottle” body with a shorter rear deck, and greater glass area for increased visibility. Offering traditional Rambler economy with six-cylinder engines and overdrive transmissions, the Rebel could also be turned “into a decent budget-priced muscle car” with the 343 cu in, the largest available engine from AMC in 1967. A road test by Car Life magazine of a Rebel SST hardtop equipped with the 343 V8 and automatic transmission turned in a 0-60 mph time of nine seconds, and reached a top speed of 110 miles per hour. 

Why I would want one: I love the AMC Rebel model. Very handsome design, and love the low-budget muscle car appeal with the 343 V8. Of course, my “Holy Grail, Bucket List To Own #1 Car” happened to arrive 3 years later, known as the 1970 AMC Rebel “The Machine.”

Fun fact: A high-performance, low-priced muscle car version was produced in 1970, “The Machine,” that is most recognized in its flamboyant white, red, and blue trim.
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