AJ’s Car of the Day: 1955 Ford Fairlane Customline Sedan

AJ’s Car of the Day: 1955 Ford Fairlane Customline Sedan


Year: 1955

What makes it special: The Ford Fairlane Customline was produced with the same body and little variation for model years 1955 and ’56. For model year 1957, the body was made longer and sleeker. It was given a new body style for the 1955 model year as competition to Chevrolet, yet was still very much like the 1952 underneath. For 1955, like most models from other manufacturers, the Fairlane was given a Panoramic windshield, giving the driver even more visibility.

What made it famous: For the 1955 model year, Ford’s Mileage Maker Inline-6 engine was given more horsepower as a 120hp, 233 cu in, and the famed Y-Block V8 was now available in two sizes, in either a 162hp, 2-barrel, 272 cu in with single exhaust as the standard engine, and a 182hp, 4-barrel dual exhaust version as an option. You could also check off the optional 193hp, large 292 cu in Thunderbird V8 as well.

Why I would want one: I love Fairlanes. For a boxier version of the model, this car still has lots of style and can be either classy or set-up for a nice street rod.

Fun fact: For the first time, seat belts were offered as a dealer option, and Ford’s first factory-installed “Select-Aire” air conditioning.

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