AJ’s Car of the Day: 1966 AMC Rambler Classic 770 Convertible

AJ’s Car of the Day: 1966 AMC Rambler Classic 770 Convertible

Car: AMC Rambler Classic 770 Convertible

Year: 1966

What makes it special: The intermediate Rambler Classic model was produced and sold by American Motors Corporation, more commonly known as “AMC” for the 1961 to 1966 model years. It took the slot once occupied by the Rambler Six and Rambler Rebel V8 models that were retired at the end of the 1960 model year. It began as a six-passenger four door sedan and station wagon, but a two door post and hardtop model style were added around 1964, then a convertible was added for the ’65 and ’66 production years.

What made it famous: The 66 Rambler Classic model’s were on the receiving end of some trim changes and safety feature additions. The mid-trim level 660 was dropped from the line-up, leaving just the 550 and 770 models available for 1966. Available for the first time was a floor-mounted 4-speed manual transmission and a dash-mounted tachometer. Engine choices were the same as the ’65 models, beginning with a Modern Straight-Six replacing the 195.6 cu in choice. The 770 model choices were a 145hp, 232 cu in six, and a 155hp version was available as an option. Also additional were a 198hp, 287 cu in and a 270hp, 327 cu in V8 as dealer options.

Why I would want one: It’s different. In a world of Ford, GM and Chrysler products, it’s nice to see the old AMC’s still kicking around. I love it.

Fun fact: The name Classic was no longer considered a positive factor in the marketplace and AMC began reshuffling model names in 1966.
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