AJ’s Car of the Day: ’56 Lincoln Premiere Two-Door Hardtop Coupe

AJ’s Car of the Day: ’56 Lincoln Premiere Two-Door Hardtop Coupe

Car: Lincoln Premiere Two-Door Hardtop Coupe

Year: 1956

What makes it special: Produced for the 1956 through 1960 model years, the Lincoln Premiere took the slot below the Continental Mark II and above the Capri models. Available in either two-door or four-door trim levels, it was replaced by the Continental Sedan for the 1961 model year.

What made it famous: The upscale version of the Capri model, the Premiere boasted a 368 cu in Lincoln Y-Block as its powerplant. It got its styling cues from Mercury Concept cars like the XM-800 and the Lincoln Futura. It featured a stylish exterior, high-grade interior, and a unique factory a/c that ran through overhead aircraft-style ducting as optional equipment. It was the top-end Lincoln, but different than the more expensive Continental Mark II being produced by Ford’s Continental Motorcars division.

Why I would want one: I love different. You may come across Lincolns on occasion, but rarely do you come across a Premiere model.

Fun fact: Fans of the 60’s Batman TV series may notice a familiarity between the Batmobile and the Premiere, as both took their styling cues from the Lincoln Futura concept.