AJ’s Car of the day: ’68 Plymouth Fury Convertible

AJ’s Car of the day: ’68 Plymouth Fury Convertible

Car: Plymouth Fury Convertible

Year: 1968

What makes it special: The Fury was produced by Plymouth for the 1955 through 1989 model years, and was a sub-series of Plymouth’s Belvedere model. Throughout its run, it went back and forth from the full-sized to mid-sized car levels.

What made it famous: After getting a restyle for the 1965 model year, Fury for 1968 got only some minor front end grille and rear taillight trim updates, side marker lights and shoulder belts, with the exception of the convertible model. The standard powerplant was the 318 cu in V8, or 225 cu in “Slant-Six.” There were seventeen different exterior colors available for the Fury that year.

Why I would want one: Love the stacked headlights look, love the drop top.

Fun fact: The last of the Fury line rolled off out of the factory in 1989.