AJ’s Car of the Day: 1962 Ford Fairlane

AJ’s Car of the Day: 1962 Ford Fairlane

Car: Ford Fairlane

Year: 1962

What makes it special: Manufactured and sold by Ford for model years 1955 through 1970, the Fairlane went from a full-sized to intermediate family car by the 1962 model year.

What made it famous: Moved to the new intermediate models for the 1962 model year, Fairlane was the fill-in between the compact Falcon and the full-sized Galaxie. It was competition for General Motor’s A-Body senior compacts, Plymouth’s Belvedere and AMC’s Rambler models. Standard was the 170 cu in inline-6, but the new, lightweight, 145hp 221 cu in Windsor V8 was optional, along with a 164hp, 260 cu in Challenger V8 mid year. Also, a Sport Coupe option arrived mid-year, that featured bucket seats and floor console.

Why I would want one: I actually have a 1963. Huge fan of the Fairlane line.

Fun fact: The Fairlane name comes from Henry Ford’s estate, “Fair Lane” which was situated bear Dearborn, Michigan.