AJ’s “Badass Friday” Car of the Day: 1969 AMC SC/Rambler-Hurst

AJ’s “Badass Friday” Car of the Day: 1969 AMC SC/Rambler-Hurst

Car: AMC SC/Rambler-Hurst

Year: 1969

What makes it special: Having already dipped into the performance world with their Javelin pony cars in 1968, Detroit’s number 4 automaker AMC expanded even further into the budget muscle car arena with a Rambler Rogue compact, then getting direction from Hurst Performance Research Inc, they followed the simplest hot rod principle: Stuff the biggest available V8 into it. In this case that would be the AMX’s 315hp, 390 cu in 4-barrel, coupled up with a Borg-Warner 4-speed with Hurst floor-mounted shifter and 3.54:1 limited-slip rear completing the package. The car had ET’s in the low 14’s out of the box.

What made it famous: All S/C Ramblers started life as appliance-white with two-tone mag wheels, racing mirrors, blackout grille and tail panel. Hurst badging, and a real ram-air hood scoop with an up-thrust snout. Around 1,200 Scramblers went patriotic with broad red body stripes, wild hood graphics and fat blue dorsal stripe.

Why I would want one: This is by far one of the coolest, ballsiest factory hot rods ever offered.

Fun fact: The car debuted midway through the 1969 model year as the AMC SC/Rambler-Hurst, but most called it the Scrambler.