Throwback Concert: Queensrÿche at Meadows Music Theatre 1997

Throwback Concert: Queensrÿche at Meadows Music Theatre 1997

By Drew Carrano

Remember when we all enjoyed going to live concerts? Wasn’t even that long ago, but it feels like forever.

While live concerts are on temporary hiatus due to the coronavirus outbreak, everyday we’ll look back at some of the great rock shows that came to our area.

Today’s Throwback Concert:


Hear In The Now Frontier Tour

Sunday August 3, 1997

The Meadows Music Theatre – Hartford (now The XFINITY Theatre)


About The Tour: Queensrÿche took to the road in the summer of 1997 to support its sixth studio album, Hear In The Now Frontier. Though the band saw great success in the early part of the decade, this particular album and tour didn’t have the same commercial success as Empire and Promised Land. This was Queensrÿche’s second time playing the venue formerly known as The Meadows Music Theatre. They previously played there in 1995. The Hartford show in ’97 featured a solid selection of songs, however just 5 of the 23 songs came off the new album. Interestingly both encore songs were two of those new songs.



  1. The Voice Inside
  2. Walk In The Shadows
  3. Empire
  4. Jet City Woman
  5. You
  6. Spreading The Disease
  7. The Mission
  8. I Am I
  9. Damaged
  10. Reach
  11. Bridge
  12. Another Rainy Night (Without You)
  13. Take Hold of the Flame
  14. The Lady Wore Black
  15. Silent Lucidity
  16. Della Brown
  17. Anarchy-X
  18. Revolution Calling
  19. Breaking The Silence
  20. I Don’t Believe In Love
  21. Eyes of a Stranger
  22. Sign of the Times (encore)
  23. Some People Fly (encore)


Watch: Queensryche 1997 Tour (full concert)