Dumbass News

Dumbass News

Every hour of every day, someone does something dumb. Listen to Chaz and AJ as they highlight the best and dumbest! If you have a story, submit it here. Check out all the past dumb stories here.

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  • Dumbass News: Friday July 19th

    Spirit Airlines gate agent has meltdown on passengers waiting for delayed flight: ‘Everyone’s gonna shut up!’ Think you have a dumb enough story? Submit it here… Continue Reading

  • Dumbass News: Thursday July 18th

    South Carolina Man Dies After Putting Firework on His Head to ‘Show Off,’ Says His Wife Florida man waits 5 hours in Walgreens restroom before going on after-hours junk food raid Florida Man Robs Bank in Flip Flops, Hides Cash in Maserati Chicken sandwich causes car to flip in Vancouver Man Falls Asleep on Swim………

  • Dumbass News: Wednesday July 17th

    Cleveland woman who passed school bus displays ‘idiot’ sign Post-surgery patient’s colon falls out of his body following a ‘forceful’ sneeze 71-year-old woman shot, killed man because he ‘did not clean up after himself,’ police say CrimeIn Key West, Let Hair Down, Not Your Pants Think you have a dumb enough story? Submit it here… Continue…