PODCAST – Monday, December 7: Toy Drive Week Begins!

Gift boxes under Christmas tree, New Year home decorations, red wrapping Santa presents, fir tree decorated, beautiful bokeh of garland. Living room with fireplace decorated for Christmas holiday.

PODCAST – Monday, December 7: Toy Drive Week Begins!

Fox 61’s Margaux Farrell was on as Chaz and AJ’s first guest of the Toy Drive! She had some comical difficulty last week while reporting about trees, falling down and getting stuck in the mud. (0:00)

John McCarthy from Rock House School of Music called in to share a song the kids for the Toy Drive this year. Some of them are as young as 8 years old, and were so happy to be able to get in a studio and record Carol of the Bells for the show. (7:53)

As AJ started to sing for every Toy Drive donation coming in that was over $100, Rui made a much larger donation that was also a part of the pot to get Governor Lamont to sing some Merryoke on the air. (12:25)

Shaye Roscoe from the Boys and Girls Club of Lower Naugatuck Valley was on to explain just how meaningful the Toy Drive is to the kids they serve, and how much bigger a need there is in 2020 for these kinds of donations. (15:42)

Comedian Paul Mecurio was impressed with AJ making up lyrics to thank the Tribe for their Toy Drive donations, talked about how he’s still dealing with COVID-19, and talked about the terrible gifts he got when he was a kid. (18:51)

Jim Bozzi was on to talk about the Santa experience he donated to the Toy Drive, so kids can still get a meet and greet with Santa. Then attorneys Hugh Keefe and Tara Knight were on, and Tara sounded a little upset about the Christmas gift she got from Hugh last year. (26:31)

Eliot from Jordan’s Furniture was on with Chaz and AJ, very happy to be able to help again this year with the Toy Drive. While he cannot be in New Haven to see everything, he’s extremely happy to continue to help the community by collecting toys. (36:59)

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