50 Years, 50 Albums 2004: Green Day ‘American Idiot’

50 Years, 50 Albums 2004: Green Day ‘American Idiot’

Stolen recordings led to one of Green Day’s best albums! While working on a new album (Cigarettes and Valentines) master tapes were somehow stolen, so the band decided to start from scratch leaving C & V behind. American Idiot, a “Punk Rock Opera”, was born. With the anti-hero “Jesus of Suburbia”, as “Tommy” from The Who spoke to a 1960s generation, American Idiot spoke to a newer generation about the troubled times of the early 2000s, 9/11, etc. The album won a Grammy for best rock album in 2005 and Tonys for the production on Broadway. We welcome Green Day’s American Idiot to the 99.1 PLR Hall of Fame.

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